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Manhattan No Fault Divorce Kit: With Property and Minor Children
(NF101C) No-Fault Kit With Instructions (with minor children)


Who Should Use this Kit?

This do-it-yourself, no-fault kit (NF101C) is designed for Manhattan Uncontested Divorce Cases in which:
  1. there are no un-emancipated children (and, thus, no issues relating to child support, custody, visitation etc.); however
  2. The are one or more property/financial issues to be addressed in the divorce papers, for example (this list is not intended to be exhaustive):
  • Division of bank accounts;
  • Dividing retirement assets, such as a pension or 401k;
  • Dividing real estate/waiver by one spouse of interest in real estate, often in exchange for lump sum payment;
  • One of the spouses is to receive a lump-sum payment or periodic payments in consideration for his or her waiver of a marital asset;
  • Transfer of title to a motor vehicle and/or waiver of an interest in a motor vehicle;
  • Alimony (maintenance) payments, or a lump sum payment in lieu of periodic maintenance; and
  • Child support
Because all divorce matters involving unamancipated children must (pursuant to court rule) include a provision for payment of at least the statutory minimum amount of child support, any case involving children also involves financial issues. The existence of financial issues does not mean that your case can't be handled as an "uncontested" divorce, or that you need to retain attorneys. Our No Fault With Property Kit (NF101C) is tailored to meet your needs. The kit includes a simple "stipulation of settlement" document that you and your spouse can use to memorialize your agreement as to financial issues, including your agreement with regard to child support. That stipulation form is then adopted by the court as part of the Judgment of Divorce.

Please note that in New York, the term "marital property" is broadly defined, and includes items such as pensions, retirement accounts, and educational degrees. If you are uncertain about the existence of property, you should consult with an experienced matrimonial attorney.

Because New York County is an "open" county, you can file for divorce in Manhattan regardless of where you or your spouse resides in New York State.

What You Receive When You Place Your Order:

Upon approval of your credit card, you receive the forms via immediate download, in MSWord format. You also get instructions for filling in the blanks and filing with the court clerk at 60 Centre Street in Manhattan. Some of the forms in this kit are also available from the Court itself. However, for more than 13 years, New Yorkers have found that our forms are more user-friendly, and that the instructions included with our kits are invaluable. This is particularly true with respect to matters that involve dividing property and minor children. Our kits include options for dealing with child support, custody and visitation. Among other documents, provide you with a "Child Support Worksheet. " You may use this form to calculate the presumptive child support obligations based on your respective incomes. You have many different options regarding custody, visitation and support.

Upon purchasing your kit from us, you get unlimited customer support from our experienced paralegals. We can guide you through the process of filling in the blanks, signing, and, ultimately, filing your forms with the Clerk's office.

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