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We provide New York no-fault divorce kits, separation agreements, and qualified domestic relations orders. Questions? Email us at:
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Since 1999, we have provided compassionate and informed guidance for thousands of clients facing divorce in new york. Our mission involves far more than providing new york divorce forms. We provide step-by-step assistance at every stage of the uncontested divorce process. Our success and dedication is reflected in the countless testimonials from satisfied clients. Each month, we utilize this page of our site to publish recent testimonials given to us by our clients.

We know that the process of divorce is stressful and uncertain. We offer an affordable and less stressful approach. Read what our clients have written about us:

Client Reviews
There is no way we could have managed all this on our own, navigating through the complexities of the system. Your guidance and support were/are invaluable and made all the difference in getting this difficult task done, particularly when we were dealing with limited time. We cannot thank you enough, and have told family and friends that you were our angel, bestowing compassion and expertise when we needed it most. Since you laid things out in such an easy step-by-step manner--those four envelopes with post-it notes have been a lifesaver--I think we can finish up without any difficulties tomorrow. But if we run into an unexpected glitch I have your card and it's been a real comfort to know you are as close as a phone call away if we need help. I will relay all this to Laura and am cc'ing her on this. She left her phone at home when she went to work yesterday and must not have picked up her messages yet, so I appreciate you following up with me via email. Thank you again for everything, Florica, your attention to detail included. Wishing you much happiness and every success.

Olivia R.
March 13, 2012

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