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New York's Most Experienced Uncontested Divorce Service
We provide New York no-fault divorce kits, separation agreements, and qualified domestic relations orders. Questions? Email us at:
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Our unique, customized NY divorce forms option is almost like having a divorce lawyer, but without the cost! We use your information to prepare custom-tailored divorce forms that are ready for you to file with the court. Your forms will have all the provisions that you need, based on the information that you provide. We deal with the property issues (distribution of assets and debts), maintenance, and (if applicable) issues relating to children.

Since 1999, more than 42,000 New York residents have used our customized divorce service. Our uniquely convenient, easy and affordable customized divorce option was developed 12 years ago by Manhattan divorce attorney Marc Rapaport specifically for New Yorkers who have resolved their financial and other issues and are seeking a fast, simple, easy way to get divorced. We were the first (and we are the best) online divorce service in New York.

1st Step:

Upon approval of your credit card payment, you will be directed to our simple, online Divorce Questionnaire. You can answer the questions at your own pace (we automatically save your work for you). Because we have been preparing New York divorce forms since 1999, our questions are specifically tailored, based on New York's unique divorce laws and procedures.

Our team of New York divorce professionals prepares each set of customized divorce forms by hand. We guarantee your satisfaction.
2nd Step:

Our New York divorce professionals review your answers, and we will contact you if it appears that something needs to be clarified or revised. Then, your NY divorce papers are prepared for you, typically within 72 hours of your order. You'll also receive easy-to-follow instructions for submitting your paperwork to the court. You won't even need to appear before a judge because in New York, uncontested divorces are granted "on the papers". If you have questions about any aspect of the forms/filing process, don't stress: you can set up an appointment to meet with us at our offices in the Empire State Building (34th Street & 5th Avenue) and we will guide you through the process of signing, acknowledging and filing your NY divorce papers.

3rd Step:

In Manhattan, you file your divorce papers at the Supreme Court building (60 Centre Street). If you choose to use our SpeedFile option, we will file your forms for you. Because our paralegals file papers with the court every day (except for weekends and court holidays) we can provide you with the fastest possible New York divorce. If you choose to file on your own, we will be glad to guide you through the filing process - either in person, by telephone or via email.

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